John's ( more commonly known as Ziggy to his friends)  taste for photography was brought  about over time by his thirst for travel and snowboarding. Having first traveled back in 1996 with friends for 3 months through Europe, taking in Ireland, Spain, Portugual , Morocco and his parents homeland Croatia.  Taking flight once again as the travel bug had hit in 1998 for a further 5 months this time, beginning with  Egypt , Jordon, Israel, Turkey, the Greek Islands , Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland , Holland , England and Scotland...

Many pictures were taken with a trusty Pentax point and shoot that fill the travel photo albums.....

The journey continued to spend a year living in the Rocky Mountains of Canada in the towns of Banff, Alberta and Fernie, BC in the year of 1999 / 2000. This is where you could say Ziggy's life took a detour...traveling usually equates with the search for ones path in life or so they say..On a mission to learn how to snowboard at the relative late age of 28. Ziggy's time spent in the mountains left an indelible passion for the mountains and the magic white gold that falls in these places that becomes an addiction that only fellow snow purists can understand...

Snowboarding and traveling now became the focus, work was a means only to continue the pursuit of new and incredible destinations and to be able to crank sweet powder turns in some of the most amazing places on earth was simply the  delicious icing on the cake...

By no means what you would call a expert snowboarder, Zigs made up for his lack of natural talent on the board with a zest and passion that more than makes up for his shortcomings in the air..

Destinations such as New Zealand South Island Resorts in 2001, followed by a trip across the pacific to Argentina in 2002  to ride at the legendary Las Lenas resort brought about another detour, this time linking up with the lads from www.boardtheworld.com including pro photographer Dan Himbrechts for a trip back to Sth America and to Chile in 2003. During this trip and many conversations with Dan about photography, was where Ziggy's desire to begin taking photography a little more seriously had begun. Spending time in amongst the resorts of the Andes including Portillo, La Parva, Valle Nevado and Termas de Chillean, the spectacular landscapes and scenery draw you in and leave you wanting more..

2005 brought about the first taste of the best powder on the planet on the Northern Japanese Island of Hokkaido, Spending 2 weeks waist deep in powder in Niseko. Later that year another adventure was sought in New Zealand's  infamous club fields, Broken River and Craigieburn and the crazy nutcracker tow ropes... with a bonus day of Heli Riding down in Queenstown that brought about one hell of a buzz...

At this point somehow Zig's talked his way into becoming editor of www.boardtheworld.com allowing him to combine his passion of travel and snowboarding into what seemed a perfect mix.

With another trip to Japan beckoning in 2006, Zigs finally discovered the Digital World of Photography, A bit slow on the uptake at times and with a definite lack of finances,  he was able to grab hold of a Canon EOS 20D for the trip back to Hokkaido. Revisiting Niseko and then venturing further into the interior and at the time the little known resorts of Furano and Kamuai. The Amazing Daisetsuzan National Park which holds the Hokkaido's High Country was a relevation with its scenery and natural onsen's It was during this trip that Zigs fate was sealed.

Another addiction had taken hold...to this end Zigs focus was on procuring a Digital Camera to call his own. A Canon EOS 30D was bought and purchased and another trip back to Sth America was on the horizon. This time around the Patagonian town of Baril Loche and the resorts of Cerro Catedral and Chapelco were in the firing line as well as revisting Termas de Chilean with the aim of actually getting to ride the mountain this time around. Hiking and riding the Volcano Lonqimay in the tiny resort of Corralco also in Chile was a highlight.

January 2007 brought on a 2 week mission to the Indian province of Kashmir to go snowboarding at the Resort of Gulmarg  and what an adventure it is to be snowboarding in the Himalaya and to bring the World's first Full Resort Review on this incredible part of the earth was pretty dam cool....

From here on in ?

Who know's ?

Hopefully many more out of the way places to go snowboarding ...on the hope to do list sometime in the near future :

1. Lebanon
2. Iran
3. Turkey
4. Bosnia
5. Spain
6. South Africa

Zig's fav Snowboarding destinations so far :

1. Fernie, BC
2. Hokkaido, Japan
3. Broken River/ Craigieburn Range, New Zealand
4. Termas de Chilean, Chile
5. Gulmarg, Kashmir

Zig's fav places :

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia
2. Buenos Aries, Argentina
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Olyumpus, Turkey
5. Banff, Canada

check out www.boardtheworld.com for 200 plus resort reviews spanning over 21 countries...

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